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From haircuts to housekeeping, tipping is a critical aspect of the service industry. Perhaps you have had prospective drivers ask: "How much do taxi drivers make?"  They may want to know if tips are included in wages. Tipping is a response to a perceived level of customer service. Whether or not a taxi driver depends on tips to help them make a good living, he or she should be providing excellent service. Here’s what you should know to help your drivers improve customer service and encourage tipping in taxis.

Boosting Service With a Smile

A genuine smile goes a long way in a passenger’s perception of customer service. Drivers should always be pleasant and make introductions. They may pick up someone who isn’t interested in small talk or pleasantries, but that shouldn’t prevent the driver from being friendly. The driver should address the passenger by name, if known. Names are powerful and make a great starting point for connecting with a passenger.

Putting the Passenger in Control

Movies and TV have pushed a perception that taxi drivers aren't always friendly with customers. However, drivers can disprove wary passengers of that notion by working to put them at ease upfront:
  • Ask if the passenger has a preferred route.
  • Verify that he or she is okay taking the GPS-suggested
  • Use safe shortcuts to avoid traffic jams when possible.
  • Be upfront if the driver is unfamiliar with an area or destination.
If the passengers are from out of town, taxi drivers should welcome them to the area and suggest local points of interest, if known. Simple yet considerate gestures encourage tipping in taxis.

Keeping It Clean and Comfortable

A dirty vehicle tarnishes the experience no matter the level of taxi cab service. Make sure drivers clean their cars between trips and keep them free of odors. They can also step up the comfort level by asking if the passenger wants to listen to a certain music style or if they prefer a silent commute.

Minding the Small Details

Being polite is paramount to good customer service. A taxi driver should always open doors for all passengers and assist with baggage. He or she can go the extra mile with a handy umbrella on rainy days. Depending on company policy, he or she can provide small bottles of water and courtesy snacks to make a bigger impact when it comes to providing great customer service.

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