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Just about any car accident is a traumatic experience, and taxi accidents are no exception. Many people suffer not only the physical effects, such as injuries, but the emotional effects as well. Another issue that may arise is determining who is liable. Knowing how claims work will make the process much smoother for everyone involved. 

Obligations of Taxi Drivers and Taxi Companies

Many people travel by taxi on a daily basis and taxis are believed to be one of the safest and most convenient modes of transportation. It is in the best interest of all taxi businesses to do thorough background checks on their drivers, looking for clear driving records and hire only top-notch drivers. 

Taxi drivers are in charge of the care of their passengers. It is their responsibility to drive smoothly and ensure the safety of their passengers. Taxi drivers should be highly trained and experienced individuals, but even so, accidents still occur. Not all taxi injury claims are straightforward, but those who become injured due to driver negligence are likely entitled to claim for compensation. 

Understanding Liability 

Taxis are considered common carriers with legal obligations to keep their passengers secure through safe practices. In most cases, taxi drivers and taxi operators are held responsible for injuries suffered by their passengers. If a driver violates this obligation through unsafe driving that ends up creating an accident, they or the taxi company that oversees them can be held liable. If a taxi is involved in a car accident, the legal liability that private business owners should have secured for the safety of their employees usually applies.  

In other words, when a vehicle accident involving a taxi takes place, the operating company is liable for the damages suffered by both the driver and passengers. This can even be the case when the driver is at fault for the accident, which is why recruiting and hiring drivers must be done very carefully. Liability coverage through your Washington taxi insurance should satisfy medical bills, lost wages, and property damage for all victims involved in the accident. 

For both passengers and those whose vehicle may have been involved in the accident, they must simply be able to prove that the taxi driver was negligent and they will win the case, which is why adequate Washington taxi insurance is so important to protect any taxi business from financial devastation. 

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