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Hiring a limousine service brings to mind red carpet events, luxurious leather seating, and minibars featuring technicolor lights. They are perhaps the preferred mode of transportation for the rich and famous; however, you don’t need to be a millionaire or a rock star to rent a limo for a night out with your friends or as transportation to a company-wide event. Take the night off and let a professional do the driving.

You Will Be Safer

Did you know that taxi and limousine drivers often have to possess a special chauffeur’s license and taxi insurance in order to drive their vehicles? When you hire a limousine or taxi driver—as opposed to a ride-share service—you can rest assured that you and your companions are in the hands of a professional. In addition to other perks like attracting envious glances from passers-by and enjoying your ride’s minibar (or dance floor!), you and your cohort can leave the driving to a trained, competent chauffeur and throw your worries about safety, schedules, and driving directions out the window.

Your Trip Will Be More Fun

It should go without saying, but you shouldn’t drink and drive. If you have rented a limo for a company outing or an end-of-the-year Christmas party, you can feel confident that your passengers are safe and that they will be able to have a good time without worrying about distracted driving. Feel free to take advantage of the limo's luxury seats, the minibar, the music, and whatever else is offered. The most difficult part of your trip might be the decision between a regular limousine car, a stretch limo, or a limo bus.

You Can Afford To Relax

Someone else is taking care of the directions, the turn signals, and the parking—so you don’t have to! There’s no need to be a backseat driver when you hire a taxi driver or a limousine service. Limousine drivers are trained to be courteous, reliable, and on time. They are always willing to answer your questions, but if you do not want to engage, they can remain silent throughout the drive as well. You might even forget that they are there at all!

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