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Though they keep the businessmen and women of New York City zipping from one location to another, or they help a group of friends who spent a night out on the town get home safely, taxi drivers aren't always treated fairly or with much respect. Cab drivers often work long hours, face difficult road or weather conditions, and endure many personalities and encounters when picking up passengers. Fortunately, drivers can be protected by taxi coverage for some of the incidents they encounter, but there are also articles of legislation that protect the right of taxi drivers.

What Are a Cab Driver’s Basic Rights?

The most common incidents a taxi driver faces involve passengers. Whether it be what the passenger attempts to do to the driver or another passenger, some rights protect a driver and guide the proper response. These rights include the following:
  1. The right to refuse a passenger due to failure to pay the minimum deposit for the fair
  2. The right to deny service or terminate service for a passenger that disregards a stop smoking command/instruction
  3. The right to deny service to a passenger that does not provide a valid address or is a potential health risk to the driver
  4. The right to refuse a fare if the driver has already been dispatched to another passenger
  5. The right to refuse service to a passenger that is verbally abusive, procrastinating, or displaying offensive or harassing behaviors
  6. The right to equip the vehicle with safety precautions such as a camera or bullet-proof partition

What Protections Will Taxi Coverage Provide?

For cab drivers, affordable taxi insurance is a way to reinforce their choice to execute any of the rights mentioned above and others that have been posted by the individual company. Taxi insurance carriers are fully aware of the risk that cab drivers face and have uniquely crafted policies and plans that address vulnerability areas. For many taxi drivers, the most significant risks are incidents involving accidents or injury to innocent bystanders or paying customers. In these situations, insurance protections include paying for medical care, legal costs, and settlement amounts. If a passenger refuses to pay a fare or breaches the contract assumed when hiring the driver, the law considers the passenger to have committed a criminal offense. However, it can be difficult to have this case proven and resolved without having extensive knowledge of the passenger's contact details. Future ways of addressing these concerns include being proactive in asserting a driver’s right to refuse a fare and carefully documenting the reasonable excuses or rationale for declining to provide transportation. As with any business, there are several legal complexities involving the rights of taxi drivers and their passengers. Taxi coverage through an affordable taxi insurance provider is just one of the ways drivers can operate with peace of mind concerning their liabilities.

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